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Maddi (Newburg) Casey has worked as a Certified Equine and Canine Massage Therapist in the Tampa Bay Area for over 13 years. Her lifelong interest in helping animals also motivated her to become certified in Veterinary Assisting and Pet Grooming. She received her Equine Sports Massage Therapy and Canine Massage Therapy certifications through Equissage in 2009. She has helped countless horses and dogs over the years through massage therapy. She is also a member of the International Association of Animal Massage Therapists (IAAMT).

Tranquil Touch is based in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida in the beautiful horse-friendly Pinellas Park community. However, we travel all over the state of Florida.


An increase in circulation and decrease in swelling can promote more rapid healing in acute injuries such as sprains and strains in both horses and dogs. Massage therapy is ideal 48+ hours post-injury. Check with your vet before scheduling an appointment.


Chronic conditions such as arthritis, laminitis, and others can cause strain on the muscles. Horses and dogs often compensate for the pain by altering their gait which can cause soreness in other parts of the body. Massage therapy can help relieve this pain.


Massage Therapy can help horses and dogs who actively compete in competitions by improving range of motion, balancing the gait, and preventing injuries. It's great for all levels and styles of competition.


All horses and dogs can enjoy the benefits of regular massage therapy. Even those who are perfectly healthy and don't compete can enjoy tension relief, improved circulation, increased range of motion, and prevention of potential injuries.

Massage Therapy is not a substitute for proper veterinary care.